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1088 Chaton



Crystals for jewelry making

"Each pot has its lid"so they say. This saying gets real meaning when it comes to Gita.

We offer only quality Crystals for jewelry DIY. All Crystals are the perfect fit for GITA's bases and stone settings we offer, 

so GITA is a one-stop shop for designing and creating your dream Crystal jewelry collection. 

Choose your favorite jewelry bases and watch all the Crystals that fit them from brands like Swarovski, Preciosa, and Aurora. Create unique sparkling masterpieces with sparkling Crystals with exceptional depth and perfect cutting technology. 

GITA offers Crystals in different shapes like Chaton Crystals, Rivoli Crystals, and all Fancy stones shapes such as Navette, Pear Shape, Oval,  Teardrop, Imperial, Heart, Flowers, and many more.

Each shape with its sizes, and each one has color variations that will keep your jaw open.

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