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24ss stone setting
39ss stone setting
45ss stone setting
47ss stone setting
10mm Rivoli stone setting
12mm Rivoli stone setting
14mm Rivoli stone setting
16mm Rivoli stone setting
18mm Rivoli stone setting
12x12mm Square stone setting
16x16mm Square stone setting
10x8mm Oval stone setting
15x7mm Navette stone setting
18x13mm Pear shape stone setting
27mm Round Stone setting

With/Without stone settings

Without stone setting
With stone setting

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Metal Casting Elements

Enrich your jewelry collection and make it unique, by adding metal Embedding Elements and give a special and themed look.

Here you will find the largest collection of metal embedding elements, that come in a various types and styles, making them a versatile to use in earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Whether mounted on its own or together with other stones, embedding element can be a colorful addition to any jewelry piece.


Our metal embedding elements have the same sizes and shapes like Swarovski crystals such as Rivoli, Chaton, Cushion and compatible with Gita's empty stone settings. All embedding elements are made of Mazak material, is very commonly using in the fashion jewelry industry. Gita's Embedding elements can be purchased in 21 different plating finishes for your choice.

Using embedding element is simple with a few easy steps. You have to insert the metal embedding elements inside the stone setting and embed them using Embedding tool.


Click here to read more about using embedding Elements