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CG 610-240 (A+B) two-component epoxy resin glue for jewelry making

CG 610-240 (A+B) Two-Component Epoxy Resin Glue is produced by Swarovski. This glue was specially developed for gluing Swarovski crystals of very small sizes, starting with PP 0. Depending on the area of application the adhesive can be used for crystals up to the size of PP 14.

This is a two-part glue designed for use with Swarovski Elements, and is especially well-suited for use in the jewelry and accessories. It adheres excellently to materials such as metals, rubbers, synthetics and glass. It’s highly resistant to humidity, chlorine, salt, mechanical stress and UV light.

If you will look at the packaging, you'll see that it consists of two tubs.
To use, mix equal parts together in a 2:1 ratio for one minute, and it’s recommended to put the mixed glue into a dispenser.

NOTE! It is very important to keep an exact mixing ratio of the two components to achieve maximum adhesion.


Technical data
• Mixing ratio (A: B) would be 2: 1 (resin: hardener) by weight
• Complete curing time at room temperature (23°C/73.4°F) is 72 hours
• Complete curing time in oven with 40°C/104°F would be 12 hours, 70°C/158°F would be 4 hours and 100°C/212°F would be 1.5 hours.
• Handling time at room temperature (23°C/73.4°F) is 16 hours

Follow this link to see step-by-step tutorial how to use CG 610-240 Two-Component Epoxy Resin Glue for jewelry making.

Please note: Choosing matte, or Black Platings may delay the Fast supply orders in 1-3 days

Weight: 75
Material: Glue
Size: 120x46mm
Thickness: 42mm

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