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Unique 24ss Flower Branch with Leaves Cup chain for Bracelets by meter

- Unique Flower empty cup chain with stone settings for 24ss (SW 1088) crystals.

Approximate quantity of settings in one meter - 50pcs.


Product Details:

The original high-quality brass material cup chains for bracelets and necklaces.

Very beautiful, unique cup chains with a floral theme and can be used as a part of hair accessories, centerpieces, necklace or dangling part for the earrings, etc.

It can be transferred into different styles and it is possible to create a lot of various kinds of Jewelry for so many collections and occasions.

These special empty cup chains fit perfectly to Swarovski crystals sizes and shapes.


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The products below are handmade, produced and ready to be shipped within 9 - 14 business days.

Fits Swarovski crystals.

Raw material.

Of course, you can optionally choose one of 17 metal plating colors.


Price and weight for 1 meter.


Weight: 0
Material: Brass
Size: 1 Meter
Thickness: 4mm

How to use this product:

How to embed cup chain by meter

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