Fast supply

4-8 Days supply time


Gita is the original brand that produces the Jewelry bases and almost finished jewelry since 2013. We offer the largest selection of jewelry bases available in 17 metal platings.

Start from now you can enjoy Gita's products and services in faster supply time.

Our models undergo a complex production process and strict quality control in order to provide the highest quality products, yet we understand the great importance of getting your order as soon as possible and we were constantly thinking about creative solutions so that you could enjoy the products and quality without waiting.


Meet the new "Fast supply" option

The Products marked with "fast supply" Tag can be produced in a shorter time, within 4-8 working days.Your order contains "fast supply models".

You can choose to split your order and ship them seperately (within 4-8 business days).. 

After checking the box, you will be asked to choose a shipping method for the fast supply models.



Fast supply service can be apply to orders containing only marked products with Fust Supply.

In case if an order contains unmarked products, the supply time will be as usual - up to 23 days.

To see all Fast Supply models, please click here

Please note: Choosing matte, or Black Platings may delay the Fast supply orders in 1 - 3 days.