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Create unlimited Swarovski crystal jewelry in a few minutes with Gita's products.

Gita is the original company, which creates the bases. So, be sure, you come to the right place.









Now it’s in your hands - create stunning Swarovski masterpieces in few minutes without any complicated & expensive process or any previous knowledge:

1. Pick a Jewelry Base.

2. Select metal color.

3. Choose your favorite crystals.


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Let Gita be your factory - focus on designing and selling.



Making crystal jewelry is involved with managing expensive and time-consuming processes, such as

soldering/plating/casting/embedding/inventory and more.
Gita offers you to use more than 6,000,000 variations of bases and save these costs.

By using Gita's bases and professional experience you can free yourself from managing these processes, and be Focus more on designing and growing your business.


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Fashion trends are changing all the time, Gita always stays tuned to the latest news and leads the market with new and exciting solutions for creating the things you are looking for.



Gita’s service is built just for you - the creative one - find what fits your style and be unique, use our services to create your own masterpieces.



Every day will find new and innovative products and inspirations order the products online easily and start making new sparkling dreams.


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Tali Kazarian, CEO & Founder

"Founding Gita was the best decision I made"

"It all started with a simple idea. I was 28, and working in the fashion jewelry store in Tel Aviv, selling raw materials to designers. We’d created pieces together & built sketches. I’d soldered the components and plated them in gold or silver. All the designer had to do was to set the stones. Then came the Eureka moment. I realized life would be much simpler for them if they had access to a range of ready-made jewelry bases. They could order “almost” ready-made earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets and then embed the stones, Swarovski crystals or whatever they wanted.


That was seven years ago. I had no money to invest. But I had a dream, I had dedication, I had 13 years of experience and a boyfriend (now my husband) who’s been my rock.


Today we have a company called Gita, which has 30 employees, offers over 18,000 products online, and features in a Paypal film about 16 of the world’s most exciting start-ups."









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