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20ml Liquid Colorless Glue Multifunctional 401 Instant Adhesive for Jewelry making

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20ml Liquid Colorless Glue Multifunctional 401 Instant Adhesive for Jewelry making


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Good for Crystals, Gemstones , Swarovski, Aurora, Preciosa, Wood , Iron, Brass, Leather and more...

  • 6 minutes of initial solidification (affected by ambient temperature, different time), 24 hours to reach the full solid state.
  • Application all kinds of Crystals, Gemstones, PVC plastic materials, leather, ceramic, wood, plastic. Also applicable to electronic toys, jewelry, electrical accessories, crafts, automotive supplies, stationery, office supplies, industrial precision instruments and so on.

 Method of use:  

1. Open the cover.
2. Do not squeeze the side of the bottle to avoid a lot of glue.
3. Apply a little glue to the surface of the adhesive, align and firm to provide a certain thickness and strength.
This is a strong liquid gel, suitable for all kinds of materials
plastic, leather, wood, electronic toys, precision instruments, and so on, it is sure to be a regular item in your home. Package Included 1 x 20ml 401 glue.
Carefully drip into eyes or mouth.
Keep out of reach of children to avoid danger.
Pay attention to cement on finger skin.
Don't eat it.
Since the bottles are manually separated at the factory, the actual glue capacity of each bottle is different.6.Due to the manufacturer's shipment batch problem, some details of the glue bottle will differ.

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