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Industry leading products

Our affiliates can be proud to represent the original manufacturer, which produces the jewelry bases. Our jewelry bases have become a real solution for jewelry designers worldwide.

Many of them use Gita as their “secret factory” to create their own jewelry-making dreams. With Gita’s products, anyone can save time and money on production processes such as soldering, plating etc.





Who are we looking for?

Gita is one stop shop for all types of jewelry designers. It doesn't matter if it is a small home-based hobby-business of a beginner jewelry designer or it is a well experienced handmade designer owning a jewelry store, and even large distributors worldwide.

Gita’s products fit all types of jewelry niches

(bridal, urban, young ethnic metal look etc....).

We have customers all over the globe, many jewelry designers worldwide already use Gita’s services and products.




Attractive commissions

Gita is a new young growing family.

We are positively sure and confident in our products. We are proud that we helped many jewelry businesses to grow within the past 5 years.

We are passionate about sharing our success story by reaching more and more new potential clients and helping them to grow and develop further.

Gita is offering affiliates an incentive of 10% - 20% payout on new buying customers for their first few orders (60% of Gita’s customers are returning customers).





Resources and assets

The success of our affiliates is important to us, so we strive to provide anything they need to be able to reach their goals.

After a quick examination of an affiliate, we can understand and define the marketing strategy and provide them with relevant graphics, assets and knowledge resources.




How does our affiliate program work?

it’s very simple, believe us...


1. Click the button below


2. Fill in the sign-up form

Quick sign up form in order to open a unique account as an affiliate, you will be requested to fill payment details (it’s for the commission payouts).


3. The system will generate a unique link, use it to attract new potential clients

This unique link can be used wherever you want: on social media, such as Instagram or facebook, google, tweeter etc...for example: You can make a post with a picture and your unique link or share it and invite individuals to follow it or simply put it as a banner on relevant websites.


4. Let the link work for you and track on activity  

Everyone who will click this link will automatically be tracked by the affiliate system (for 45 days) and will be reflected on your dashboard, so you will be able to track on your activity.

You can make use of free resources we can provide you with, such as logo, inspirational pictures, and different texts.


5. Get commissions on every purchase automatically

Once a client makes an order on Gita’s website, the details will be presented on your dashboard (order amount + derivative commission).

Our team will check your leads and after approval you will get paid.



By clicking the following link you will be directed to the external affiliate signup form to proceed with registration

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any question:

Direct number: +12132211099   |  24/7 Support: +1-855-999-6590