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Description & Settings
Weight: 2
Material: Brass
Size: 12.2x11.6mm
Thickness: 2.5mm

Connectors made of:
- two metal casting elements for 24ss (SW 1088) crystals;
- four pcs of two side loops.

Universal connector for Necklaces and Bracelets.

Fits to Swarovski crystals.
The plating shown in the picture is Antique Silver.

  • Handmade Production
  • Jewelry making DIY
  • Worldwide Shipping
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24ss SW 1028/1088
Choose Plating
Antique Brass (NF) Antique Brass (NF)
Antique Silver(NF) Antique Silver(NF)
Shiny Silver (NF) Shiny Silver (NF)
Yellow Gold (NF) Yellow Gold (NF)
Black (NF) Black (NF)
Nickel/Rhodium color(NF) Nickel/Rhodium color(NF)
Rose Gold (NF) Rose Gold (NF)
Antique Copper (NF) Antique Copper (NF)
Matte Gold Matte Gold
Rose Gold Matte Rose Gold Matte
Black Matte Black Matte
Silver Matte Silver Matte
Bright gold matte Bright gold matte
Nickel matte Nickel matte
Bright Gold Shiny (NF) Bright Gold Shiny (NF)
Bronze Matte Bronze Matte
Shiny Bronze (NF) Shiny Bronze (NF)
24ss Double Metal casting connectors with two side loops
Please choose plating color
Please choose rhinstone color
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