Aurora crystals - the brilliant choice

GITA is a certified authorized partner

Aurora crystals - certified authorized partner


The AURORA crystals and applications are European multi-brand, sourced from different global suppliers incl.

own production located in different countries - based on the unique combination of the price and highest European quality standards,

has received a major upgrade thanks to the years of experience from the global fashion markets and exceptionally brilliant AURORA cut.

AURORA crystals are softly changing light reflections (due to the unique combination of cut and stone dimensions),

accentuating every movement of the body.

With a subtle coating that throws off a rainbow of multicolored refractions,

AURORA crystals and applications are perfect for anything you design.

It’s especially stunning for apparel and dance sport, refracting light as the body moves.


Aurora's crystals are Gita's choice for finishing the jewelry, and after thousands of inspirations

and jewelry and finishing with our customers - Aurora's crystals are the choice we stand behind.
Today Gita is an official partner for the sale and distribution of crystals online in Israel and the USA.




GITA is certificate authorized partner of Aurora crystals in the territory of the United state of America and Israel

Aurora crystals - certificate united states of americaaurora certificate israel   

Aurora crystals - one brand for all the crystals you need 


The exceptionally brilliant AURORA crystals cut, with its faceting and incredible precision,

accentuates the AURORA crystals, making it suitable for any style.

The simplicity of the outline, in combination with the intricate faceting and resulting sparkle,

makes for unlimited design possibilities across almost all segments, including fashion,

accessories, nails, eyewear, watches, fashion jewelry, and interiors.

With a range of sizes and over 150 colors, coatings, effects, and applications

(such as Crystal Net, Crystal Rock, Crystal Fabric, etc.), there is a variant to suit every requirement.

Furthermore, AURORA crystals hot-fix/silver foiled/sew-on/stones in settings and applications make application particularly easy.

More than 165 colors and coating of your brilliant shapes choice created the iconic AURORA crystals.




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Wholesale customers?


Get a quote, place an order, check the availability and receive a wholesale discount on Aurora products.

Contact GITA and Aurora USA representatives in the USA to




Gita's representative, Arkady, is located in California, USA, and handles the wholesale

orders of the crystals directly from Aurora's factories in China and Germany.

In this way, You can access Aurora's vast inventory and the full range of products.

And enjoy significant wholesale discounts.

Arkady forwards the orders directly to the factory according to the content of each order.


You can wait for Arkady to get back to you by Email.
Within 24 hours of submitting the form.


Or contact Arkadi directly:

Please coordinate by phone or via WhatsApp: 1(424)316-9361
or by Email: [email protected]


US Address: 3001 Redhill Avenue, Building 6,

Suite 203, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Zip code 5967555.




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