Some common questions we are asked you might want to check

Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, there is no minimum quantity, You can enjoy unlimited purchase amount or quantity.


What is GITA Jewelry bases?

GITA jewelry bases offer a perfect match between metal shine & crystal sparkle. 

The bases are handmade by GITA’s professionals using only quality materials, Brass/Tombac/Zamak metals, and are plated with 17 metal color options.

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Do you ship your products worldwide?
Yes, we export worldwide


Is it possible to add products to Existing Order
1. If the order is in "production" status - adding products to order is simple and not necessarily will delay the order.
2: If the order is in "Plating" or "Packing" statuses note that delays may apply according to the complexity or the items or quantity or items, in any case products can be added at any stage. Please contact our customer service via Email or online chat.
Important: always wait for confirmation from our staff - without the confirmation the addition will not apply
You can always follow your order status at the "order history" page


Are the products plated with Nickel free platings?
For the full details about platings and nickel containments Please follow this link for a list of all Gita's plating options.



Why does it take the order to be ready between 9-30 days and sometimes even a little more?
When we receive a new order, we immediately begin to create it from scratch, all of Gita's products are handmade manufactured Gita's factory in Israel, we are making sure that the products which leaves our factory are with the highest quality and are not damaged, this process is very organized and necessary and may take time (after production, after plating, after packing). But we are flexible and quick response there are no case we are not meeting our targets. The quality checking is one of Gita's most important values we are doing our best and investing money and time in order to prevent any mistakes.

Please note: delays may apply in production process.


Which shipping companies do you work with, and How long does it take?
We work with UPS company, delivery type, it takes 2-3 business days after the products produced and ready to ship.
Sometimes we use different shipping companies due to customer preferences or in the case of shipping to certain countries where there is a priority of the forwarding company or another

Are any fees applying after receiving the shipment in my country?
Taxes may apply to shipments to the United States over $ 2,500 following a bilateral trade agreement
Asia and Europe may apply taxes on the parcels under the customs laws around the world and over amounts varying packages - we are doing all we can to facilitate our customers and avoid charging the tax on the packages, but Occasionally it can happen For further information you are invited to contact us and we will be happy to help.


Can I replace a product is not defective?
Return Policy Gita flexible - we produce all products in our factory, quality is the most important value for us and we will take care of the highest standards. In case you encounter a defective product for any reason whatsoever, our return policy is flexible and coordinated with customer service, please contact us via e-mail or via online chat with a photocopy of the defective product and order number and we will solve the problem satisfactorily R.


How do you handle with Product that arrived damaged?
If you received a damaged product, please update us as soon as possible you can contact our customer service via Email or online chat and we will Make sure you get the proper treatment as appropriate
And certainly resolve the problem for your comfort.

Basically the options are:

1. Attaching a replacement product in the your next order.
2. A credit for future purchase of Gita's website.
3. In case of urgent products we will ship the replacements.

Is Gita paying the shipping costs for damaged products?
Yes, If any item is damaged we are responsible to return it on our expense.
Please contact our customer service for more details.

Is Gita paying the shipping for an item that I want to replace an item that is not damaged?
No, If you would like to return some item - it's not a problem, but the shipping Expenses apply to the customer.

Can I replace custom made items that Gita produced for me?
No, the Custom made product was produced only for you and can not be replaced, the replacement will be given only if the product is damaged.

Can I send you sketch for item that I designed and I would like Gita to produce it for me?
Yes, after we receive the drawing we check if this item is familiar to us (because there are many items that we require for and we do have the similar option)
Also need to check if Technically, it's possible to produce and quote a price/minimum order quantity,
The prototype will be produced and it will be uploaded to your custom section at Gita jewelry website for future order for more details you can check the "Create" page.

Do you have Online chat in your website?
Yes, our priority is customer service and we work hard in order to provide you the best service, consulting and online service for any question or issue you may have.


How to get Wholesale discount?

In order to be a part of Gita's wholesale clients and to get the discount,

we need to know you better (and your business). You will be asked to fill the wholesale form and provide some details about your business. We are using this information to evaluate the discount and to suggest a better service to you in the future.

Click here to fill the wholesale form.


Read here about Wholesale Policy

If I have a question regarding the use of a particular product Can you explain and Guide?
The Gita's team is well trained and experienced in the field of jewelry making supplies in the fashion industry, the business was set up to help designer to create and to bring a new message to the fashion jewelry field, we will be happy to advise and guide the use of our products and to advise on any technical solutions if required.

Another tool for your use is Gita school where you can find hundreds of tutorials and guides Aniinimim and inspirations helping you create jewelry


We are available for you 24/7 for any question or issue you may have ,
And we Wish us all success and positive work atmosphere :)

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