GITA jewelry bases

GITA jewelry bases offer a perfect match between metal shine & crystal sparkle.


The bases are handmade by GITA’s professionals, using only quality materials such as Brass/Tombac/Zamak metals, and are plated with 17 metal color options.


GITA’s jewelry bases made of a unique soldered combination of different materials including blank/empty stone settings, cup chains, decorated metal elements, and various base types (ring base, earring backs, bangle bracelets, hair accessories, and more).


GITA offers a variety of 30,000 unique models of jewelry bases, including earring bases, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, connectors, rings, and hair accessories.

Create your designer’s jewelry with GITA’s quality blank bases and almost finished jewelry. 

We focus on designing beautiful jewelry while saving time, money, and production resources.


GITA’s bases and settings are designed to perfectly fit pointed-back crystals, flatbacks, and gemstones, including Swarovski, Preciosa, Aurora.


GITA is a one-stop-shop for designing and creating your dream crystal jewelry collection. 


Types of jewelry bases:

Earring bases

We offer an extensive amount of bases for a variety of earrings, from statement crystal earrings to classic, dainty style or rough urban design. Create amazing crystal earrings with GITA’s earring bases and settings for Leverback Earrings, Stud Earrings, clips, hoops, and more.



 Ring bases

Create stunning fashion rings with crystals using the latest looks in GITA's collection of blank ring bases.

From adjustable bases to band rings, wide ring bases, or spiral bases, GITA’s collection of fashion ring bases is always in style and on-trend. Find bases and crystals to create styles from statements, classics, dainty urban, and more.



 Bracelet bases 

Whether you're into silver gold, antique, nickel, or Rose gold metal, GITA offers a massive selection of supplies to create the bracelet of your dreams. decorated with crystals or classic and dainty. We offer a variety of bracelet types, such as bangle bracelets, chain bracelets, cup chains bracelets, and rhinestones, either decorated with crystals or of a classic and dainty design.



Necklace & centerpiece & charm bases

Make beautiful crystal necklaces with GITA's selection of necklace and centerpiece bases.

Our products range from fine, delicate jewelry to chunky statement pieces. Browse for chain necklaces, cup chain necklaces, or bases to create choker necklaces easily.


 Pendants bases & connectors

The huge variety of connectors we offer are offered in different styles, ranging from pendants with large stone houses, pendants combined with metal castings for inlay, or various combinations of rhinestones. Our pendants are always stylish and up to date.

With a simple combination of loops, everything is possible. Connect the pendants/connectors with each other or with a wide variety of additional materials - such as leather, fabric, metal chains, and cup chains - to create any style and structure of jewelry masterpieces.


Hair accessories 

Find everything you need to design and make your own sparkling hair accessories.

Make  creative hair accessories by using decorations such as hair hoops with crystal, hair comb, hairpins, barrette clips, and more whether it’s a royal tiara for a wedding day

or a casual floral hairpin.

Our hair accessory bases are combined with different stone settings for embedding crystals that allow you to create an excellent combination of styles.

Our blank hair accessories are designed and handmade by GITA's experienced team.



Brooch bases 

Make beautifully styled brooches and cuffs with GITA’s blank bases.

Our blank brooch bases and cuffs are designed and handmade by GITA's experienced team. Browse for a wide range of bases from cuff links with settings for crystals or clutch pin bases. Our empty brooch bases are a unique combination of soldered blank/empty stone settings, cup chains, decorated metal elements, and various brooch bases.


Create custom jewelry 

You can create unlimited combinations of jewelry bases and even offer your customers the option to customize their jewelry.

We appreciate the value of uniqueness, and so the items that you customize with us will be available exclusively for you.



We cannot talk about the bases for jewelry without mentioning the crystals - which are the complementary product to the bases.

Each pot has its lid, as the saying goes; this maxim gets a real meaning when it comes to GITA;

We offer only quality crystals for DIY jewelry; all crystals are the perfect fit for GITA bases and stone settings.

GITA is a one-stop-shop for designing and creating your dream crystal jewelry collection. 

Choose your favorite jewelry bases and browse through all the crystals that fit them from brands like Swarovski, Preciosa, and Aurora; create unique masterpieces with sparkling crystals of exceptional depth and perfect cutting technology. 

GITA offers crystals in different shapes like Chaton crystals, Rivoli crystals, and all Fancy stone shapes such as Navette pear-shape, ovalteardrop crystals, imperial, heart, flowers, and many more.

Each shape comes in various sizes and colors that will make your jaw drop .


 Why use GITA’s jewelry bases? 


Crystal jewelry requires professional knowledge, expensive equipment, full management, skilled workers, and, especially, a lot of experience (casting, metal plating, soldering, polishing, metal etching, laser cutting, etc.). All of these exist in Gita.


The idea behind GITA is that our factory deals with the entire complex process of production, while you are able to lower costs (employees, special equipment and machines, materials, and knowledge), focus on designing the jewels, as well as on promoting your business.


During more than ten years of activity, we have accumulated over 20,000 customers worldwide of all types, and most customers continue to work with us over the years.

Our favorite part is seeing beginning designers, who come to us sometimes with only a dream, and start out by buying our products; with great delight we watch these businesses grow and grow.


Who can use the jewelry bases?


Our products are great if you are a beginner jewelry designer, or if you are already doing the production in-house and can easily Streamline existing processes. Whether a small home-based business or a large one, GITA can be the perfect solution for you.


Among our customers:

  • Jewelry and fashion designers

  • Fashion chain boutique stores

  • Gift shops

  • Stores selling raw materials for beading and DIY

  • Bridal and Evening salons

  • Instructors and creative workshops 

How to use the jewelry bases?


Making embedded crystal jewelry doesn’t require prior knowledge or special tools.

GITA has developed and is offering all the tools you need in order to make

your work safer and more efficient.


Meet the new way to design Jewelry



Actions and techniques required:


Embed the crystals inside their dedicated stone settings.

Recommended tools: Dedicated inlay tools or a solid wooden stick 

(like a bamboo chopstick).

To embed crystals in earring settings (stud and lever backs)

use the embedding table.

To remove the embedded crystals use a prong lifter tool (or cutter tool).


Gluing stones inside the stone settings.

Recommended tools: E6000 silicone glue, toothpick.


Connecting loops.

Recommended tools: 2 pliers.


Sewing, knitting, beading, etc. 

on materials such as leather, fabric, and metal wood.


How to maintain fashion jewelry?


  • In accordance with strict quality standards, our plating finishes do not contain nickel (except for black and matte finishes) and are soldered with lead and cadmium-free tin. Our earring studs are made of stainless steel material to avoid any skin reaction.
  • If you have a sensitivity to products containing nickel, please use black and matte plating finishes with extra caution. For more information, please visit
  • Do not use perfume, water, or any other lotions directly on the jewelry.
  • Avoid storing your jewelry in a high humidity environment.
  • Embed stones only into designated stone settings (as identified by their shape and size).
  • To ensure that stones or plating do not break/crack the prong, please avoid using excessive force while embedding.
  • Always use proper tools for embedding the stones.


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