Tali Kazarian, CEO & Founder

"Founding Gita was the best decision I made"



"It all started with a simple idea. I was 28, and working in the fashion jewelry store in Tel Aviv, selling raw materials to designers. We’d created pieces together & built sketches. I’d soldered the components and plated them in gold or silver. All the designer had to do was to set the stones. Then came the Eureka moment. I realized life would be much simpler for them if they had access to a range of ready-made jewelry bases. They could order “almost” ready-made earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets and then embed the stones, crystals or whatever they wanted.

That was seven years ago. I had no money to invest. But I had a dream, I had dedication, I had 13 years of experience and a boyfriend (now my husband) who’s been my rock.

Today we have a company called Gita, which has 30 employees, offers over 18,000 products online, and features in a Paypal film about 16 of the world’s most exciting start-ups."


“Gita Jewelry of America Corporation”

The Manufacturers and worldwide exporters of raw materials and jewelry making supplies for fashion jewelry.
We provide service for both wholesale and private customers. Whether you are a fashion store, a small boutique, or an individual jewelry designer.
Gita Jewelry was established during early 2013 after 13 years of experience in the fashion jewelry making supplies industry.
Our factory is located in the Bat Yam city of Israel.
Here at Gita Jewelry, we understand the customer's needs and always keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion.
We love to create an unlimited option of use for jewelry designers.
We love the most to see how our customers begin with small visions of business and throughout are using our products they are growing and expanding.


Bat Yam beach in Israel - east side of the mediterranean sea


 Why choose Gita?

 - Gita is an official Retailer distributor of Aurora and Priciosa Crystals

 - Handmade production of all the cup chain and stone settings

 - Largest selection of jewelry bases more than 23,000 items
 - High-quality metal platings in 17 different color variations
 - Suitable to Crystals sizes and shapes
 - Use only original German brass stone settings
 - Fast production
 - Best prices
 - Custom products - design with us your jewelry collection
 - Wholesale discounts - significant discounts for buying large quantities
 - Gita school - offers you a hundred inspirations and step by step tutorials


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Watch the video PayPal made about our company as part of a worldwide project.

Gita was chosen along with 14 other companies around the world.



What do we offer?

The Gita's online store offers thousands of products that you can easily assemble and create your own jewelry and accessories style.

You can find Empty stone settings with loop variations with all shapes and sizes, selection of high-quality empty cup chain, empty necklaces with metal castings, earring bases, bracelet bases, pendants, charms, jewelry findings and tools, gemstones and cabochons, crystals and many more

As Gita updated with the latest trends you can experience with new materials from all over the world to enrich your jewelry collection.

It is so simple to create your own style with Gita - pick your favorite base, choose a metal color (between 16 offers) choose Swarovski rhinestone colors (more than 40) pick the stone and assemble your new beautiful high-quality jewelry stay unique

Gita jewelry Foundry offers custom made tag, logo tags, charms, and metal embedding elements.



Not only for jewelry designers - Easy to connect and assemble parts and create beautiful jewelry 


Custom Jewelry

With Gita you can design your own style and remain unique you can also offer to your customers custom made designs simply send us sketch and our team will create it for you and upload it to your personal area in the Gita jewelry website, so you can stay unique.


Handcrafted high-quality jewelry making supplies 


Gita School

At Gita's website, you can find useful tools for self-study of embedding stones and many jewelry making

Tips - enter Gita's online School for instructive videos & step by step tutorials which will help you use our products and create beautiful and unique Jewelry. And explain new techniques.


Hundreds of online guides and inspirations Gita School


Gita's quality

Our products are handmade, Manufactured and tested at Gita jewelry factory.

We use mainly high-quality brass metal raw materials, which makes them durable and strong for a longer time.


Gita jewelry production is using only high-quality products


17 different metal platings

At Gita, you can choose between 17 different plating color flash finishes.

Our Plating is high quality and does not contain Nickel according to strict standards (except black and matte Plating finishes colors)



* In case of returns or re-plating the shipping costs apply to the customer



24/7 Customer support

Have a professional question? Or have a problem with your order, urgent request? Everything is good... Gita is always here for you  24/7. contact us using the various forms on the website, online chat, Email or by phone call.

We are glad to serve you with our professional team and customer support.


Wide range of crystals for embedding and many more embedding solutions 


How to use our products?

The Platings do not contain nickel, according to strict standards (except black and matte Plating finishes colors).

In case of Nickel Sensitivity Avoid using products with nickel

Containing Plating finishes as said above. For better use of our products Avoid storing your jewelry in a moist environment. Plating finishes maybe we're off by direct contact with the skin for a prolonged time.

Embed the stone only in Designated stone settings (shape & size).

Avoid using force while embedding the stone to prevent breaking stone or cracking the plating of the stone settings.

Embedding stones need to be done only with proper tools. 

Here at Gita, you will find the best designs and innovations in the world of fashion jewelry.

You are welcome to have a look around and enjoy the shopping experience…

We invite you to use the great variety of materials we supply for designing your own jewelry – whether if it's for your own personal use or for your customers. We Specialized in cup chains by meter and jewelry bases from cup chains and Swarovski settings, Gemstone cabochons, and Swarovski. 

Always glad to be of service to you,

The Gita team. 


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