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Weight: 45.2
Material: Iron
Size: 5mm
Thickness: 2mm

Flat Gourmet chain 5mm 

Price and weight for 1 meter 

Antique silver palting 

Choose Plating
Antique Brass (NF) Antique Brass (NF)
Antique Silver(NF) Antique Silver(NF)
Shiny Silver (NF) Shiny Silver (NF)
Yellow Gold (NF) Yellow Gold (NF)
Black (NF) Black (NF)
Nickel/Rhodium color(NF) Nickel/Rhodium color(NF)
Rose Gold (NF) Rose Gold (NF)
Antique Copper (NF) Antique Copper (NF)
Matte Gold Matte Gold
Rose Gold Matte Rose Gold Matte
Black Matte Black Matte
Silver Matte Silver Matte
Bright gold matte Bright gold matte
Nickel matte Nickel matte
Bright Gold Shiny (NF) Bright Gold Shiny (NF)
Bronze Matte Bronze Matte
Shiny Bronze (NF) Shiny Bronze (NF)
Flat Gourmet chain 5mm
Retail pack Fast Supply
Please choose plating color
Please choose rhinstone color
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