Swarovski Authorized Retailer


Here at Gita’s we make great efforts to give our customers the maximum tools to create unique and

high quality jewelry, that is the reason we use mostly Swarovski crystals.

The use of Swarovski crystals is a Standard of quality and insures a beautiful and durable jewelry.



All of our various jewelry bases are compatible for Swarovski crystals embedding. For all of our jewelry bases which combine Rhinestones, we use only Swarovski Rhinestone to ensure a very durable jewelry bases.



Gita is an authorized retailer of Swarovki crystals and has a huge variety of colors and shapes to fit every collection and design that comes to mind.

You may see our large Swarovksi crystals selection on Gita’s online store, and get updates when new colors and shapes are available via our newsletter.



Click here to see Gita’s authorized Retailer certificate