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Cup chain embedding tool with replaceable screw head sizes

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Cup chain embedding tool with replaceable screw head sizes. 

This tool fits perfectly to work with cup chains (specialy with big quantities, by meter) fast and easy.

It has 3 different switchable head sizes:

  • for 29ss
  • for 39ss
  • for 12mm Rivoli (10mm, 47ss, 45ss)

Two switchable silicon heads: 6.6mm and 3.3mm.

Both heads: silicon and steel you can set according to the size of your cup chain and crystal.

NOTE: It is recommended to use only with cup chains and not with stone setting or soldered bases to prevent from damage of bases.

Usage of tool:

  1. Prepare the cup chains before usage. Make sure that all prongs are on straight and vertical position.
  2. Choose the right size of the setting and scroll it into the tool (according to a size of cup chain that you working with) 
  3. Set cup chain on the silicon head.
  4. Push with a pressure on the cup chain, but not too strong (for not to damage or break the crystals).

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