Crystals & Beads for Jewelry making

Crystals & Beads for creating crystal jewelry

They say that there’s a lid for every pot. At GITA we take this saying literally; Along with GITA’s plated metal bases, we offer a vast selection of high-quality crystals for DIY jewelry so that you can complete your design with a unique sparkling touch. Create unique sparkling jewelry masterpieces using GITA’s crystals. Add exceptional depth to your jewels with high-end glass cutting technology. GITA is all about the sparkle; Here you’ll find crystals from the world’s most popular brands such as Swarovski, Preciosa, Aurora, and more. We offer a massive selection of foiled pointed-back crystals, including round and fancy crystals. You will also find bicone crystal beads, pearls, natural gemstone beads, pointed-back crystals, and more. Discover the new generation of colors and glowing effects, like Delite, Shimmer/AB ice lacquer Neon, and more. Don’t be afraid to stand out and innovate with neon effect crystals, the new Aurora crystals, and new Delite colors. Create your own unique jewelry for your wedding day, for your next fashion event, or for your everyday style. GITA offers crystals in different shapes: round stones like Chaton and Rivoli, fancy crystal shapes like Triangle, Navette Pear-shape, Oval, Teardrop, Imperial Heart, Flowers, and more. Each shape comes in different sizes, that range from 8pp to 27mm, and each size is available in a variety of jaw-dropping colors. All crystals fit perfectly into GITA’s bases. If you are new to GITA, you are welcome to visit our learning center and to get inspired by the many tutorials, step-by-step videos, and tips.

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