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Jewelry DIY KIT: "Urban Sparkle" mixed size ring with Crystals

Weight: 15
Material: Brass, Crystals, Fabric, Box
Size: adjustable / 19size
Thickness: 5.5cm

Create your sparkling jewelry like professional designers.

In this kit, you will find everything you need to create your own "Urban sparkle" Crystal Ring.

The Ring you will make in this kit upgrades any look and have a glittery presence that can not be ignored.

Adorn yourself with “Big City lights” sparkles on your jewelry and add a bonny accent to your urban look.

Take time for yourself to discover the pleasure of creating. You can make this kit alone or together with friends or a group workshop.



Level: beginners 

Time: about 20 min

Technique: Embedding crystals

Metal plating: Nickel/Yellow Gold finishes (Lead, Cadmium & Nickel Free)

  • Include Genuine Crystals & tools

  • Enjoyable experience

  • This kit is a perfect and original Gift 

  • Fits everyone: from beginners to prof 

  • Comes in a beautiful package 

  • Include DIY manual inside

Discover how fun it is to create your own sparkling "Urban style" ring with Crystals.


In this KIT BOX  you will find all the necessary components to create a perfect piece of jewelry.

Using the embedding technique inlay crystals inside their settings. Next press down the prongs to secure the crystals with pliers included in this KIT.

The overall assembly is very intuitive and fun. 

The sparkling Crystal ring you will prepare can upgrade any style elegant or casual.


This kit can be a perfect and original gift for those you love (and for yourself) - combines a special activity and result that you can show everyone.


Click here to see Step by step tutorial on how to prepare this kit.


The kit contains:


Ring made of:

  Adjustable ring base made of:

- Open Adjustable Double rows ring base - 9.5mm width;

- one 29ss round (1088) empty stone setting;

- one 10x5mm Navette (4200) empty stone setting;

- one 8x4mm Navette (4200) empty stone setting;

- one 10x7mm Pear shape (4320) empty stone setting;

- one 8x6mm Pear shape (4320) empty stone setting;

- one 6x4mm Pear shape (4320) empty stone setting;

- one 5x5.5mm Heart (4831) empty stone setting;

- one 6x6.1mm Kaleidoscope Triangle (4799) empty stone setting;

- one 6mm Imperial (4480) empty stone setting.


Fits to size 19mm. The inner diameter of the ring is 19.06mm.


3 variations of color combinations of Crystals:


1. Crystal Clear combination

29ss 1088 Cr. Clear/10x5mm4200 Cr. Clear/8x4mm 4200 Cr. Clear

10x7mm 4320 Cr. Clear/8x6mm 4320 Cr. Clear/6x4mm 4320 Cr. Clear

5x5.5mm 4831 Cr. Clear/6x6.1mm 4799 Cr. Clear/6mm 4480 Cr. Clear


2. "City Lights" combination

29ss 1088 Dorado/10x5mm4200 Paradise Shine/8x4mm 4200 Golden Shadow

10x7mm 4320 Gold Patina/8x6mm 4320 Metallic Sunshine/6x4mm 4320 Cr. Clear

5x5.5mm 4831 Moonlight/6x6.1mm 4799 Cr. Clear/6mm 4480 Golden Shadow


3. Metallic combination 

29ss 1088 Black Diamond/10x5mm 4200 Shimmer/8x4mm 4200 Satin

10x7mm 4320 Comet Argent Light/8x6mm 4320 Ghost Light/6x4mm 4320 Cr. Clear

5x5.5mm 4831 Moonlight/6x6.1mm 4799 Cr. Clear/6mm 4480 Jet Hematite



 Tools for jewelry making:

- Wooden embedding stick;

- Toothpick with wax head;

- Prongs lifter tool.

- Fabric work surface.


Have fun creating.

How to use this product:


  • Handmade Production
  • Free Shipping over 130$ Europe Free Shipping over 350$ USA
  • DIY Jewelry making

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