Frequently asked technical questions

Some common questions which we are asked

1. How to fix an earring hook:

If you have a lever back earring hook that is a little too open, just use the plier tool to bend it down again so it will be in the right place to close properly.



2. How to open a stuck clasp, a cup chain or a chain


One of the last steps that each product is going through is the coating process which also includes the final transparent Lacquer finish that protects the shine and color of the metal plating.
Sometimes you can come across a well-made and high quality product that seems to be stuck for some reason, this could be because of the Lacquer, and you can easily fix it!

Most of the times you will find that it happens in clasps, metal chains, and cup chains - Here is what you can do to fix it in no time!


If the layer of Lacquer prevents the clasp to open, just use the plier tool to pull it back and it will open.



How to open a stuck cup chain:
Hold the cup chain and move it from side to side in order to “brake” the layer of Lacquer on the small metal connector bars that you see holding the settings together, after a few times the cup chain will be flexible again.



How to open a stuck chain:
When the chain feels or looks stiff, you can just fold it and move it from side to side in order to remove the lacquer between the loops that might prevent the chain from moving properly.



3. How to open stone setting prongs:

This is a very easy way which you can open the metal prongs - place the sharp edge of the cutting tool between the prong and the crystal and very gently lift it up.
Try to do this slowly and with care so you don’t damage the crystal or the plated prong.



4. How to use cup chain connector:

Step by step - how to use the metal connector to combine two parts of cup chains togther:

This product is designed especially for connecting empty cup chain jewelry without soldering!